Squirrelly Performance Round Base Weld On Fitting | -12an | 1.00" Step | Alloy

$ 7.37


Squirrelly Performance fittings are produced right here in the USA by one of the top manufacturers in the industry. With the Squirrelly team having many years in the field, we have used our fair share of plumbing components over time and we are confident we found the best product to fit the bill. These fittings are made out of high quality material, precision machined, and the finish is second to none. This means you don't have to worry about them breaking, leaking, or corroding over the years. They are HIGHLY resistant to scratching, which is one of our biggest concerns beyond how they perform.

A lot of our customers over the years have complained about the weld quality when using weld bungs made overseas. They are hard to grind, warped, weld poorly, and the threads are always questionable. As fabricators ourselves we needed to make sure we could provide the same quality to our customers, as the quality we demand when fabricating our own projects! So rest assured these weld on fittings are going to be the best you have ever worked with!

Available in:

  • Steel and Aluminum
  • With or Without steps
  • Hex and Round
  • NPT and AN
  • Squirrelly fittings can be used for all types of fuel, oil, coolant, hydraulic fluid, and pressurized air. They meet and exceed all S.A.E. standards and NHRA standards.

    All this at an industry leading price point!

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